Criminal law

Our law firm is constantly active in criminal law. Mainly as defence lawyers.

Our approach

Resilience. Regardless of whether you have to answer for criminal behaviour, want to prove your own innocence or want to assert your rights as a victim of a crime – sound legal advice, commitment and good preparation are essential for successful representation in criminal proceedings.

We will advise you on your legal options and the expected consequences in the event of a criminal offence. Please arrange an initial consultation with our law firm. It goes without saying that the content of every consultation at our law firm is protected by the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality.

Depending on your needs, we will assist you in the preliminary proceedings before the police and the public prosecutor’s office, during the main proceedings before the district courts and the regional courts in criminal matters through to the appeal proceedings and will represent you as a defence lawyer or private party representative. Our range of services also includes defence before the jury court and representation in administrative criminal proceedings.

We also provide an insight into our work as criminal defence lawyers on our YouTube channel at


Our offer

  • Criminal defence before courts and authorities
  • Inspection of criminal files, filing of applications in criminal investigation proceedings
  • Representation at the main trial
  • Appeals against criminal judgements
  • Legal advice, also specifically on issues of white-collar criminal law and in connection with insolvency offences
  • Representation of victims of criminal proceedings and enforcement of private party claims
  • Accompaniment to hearings by the police, the public prosecutor’s office or courts
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