Our approach

Nothing and nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen and defects can occur – the right approach in the aftermath is crucial. We advise and represent you in all matters relating to warranty and compensation law.

Our range of services includes the enforcement and defence of warranty claims, particularly in the area of used car purchases and construction defects, as well as the assertion of claims for damages against insurance companies and private individuals. We stand up for your rights.




Our offer

  • Legal advice on general warranty and compensation law
  • Legal advice for construction companies and private individuals in the event of construction defects
  • Enforcement of warranty claims and claims for damages
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Administrative law

Real estate and
housing law

Insolvency law and
business restructuring


Damages and warranty

Consulting producer organisations

in cooperation with gfa-consulting gmbh

Asserting claims and
conducting cases


Inheritance law

(Estate) curator

Data privacy law

Permanent representation infront of DSB

Contract drafting

Registered trustee

Criminal law

Defence lawyer in criminal cases

Start ups

Commercial law

General legal

Family law

Judicial adult representative, authorised representative

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