Real estate and housing law

Our approach

Comprehensive support. The dream of owning their own home or business premises is very important in the lives of our clients. Comprehensive legal advice is absolutely essential, especially in property matters, be it the purchase, sale, construction or letting of a detached house, a condominium or a business premises. We are also at your disposal for the transfer of a property to the next generation.

We will discuss the necessary legal action with you and provide you with support from legal advice, the drafting and review of contracts, to trustee processing and the registration of your property rights in the land register.

Our offer

  • Legal advice on property transactions, tenancy and condominium law
  • Contract drafting of all kinds (e.g. rental, lease, purchase, gift agreements, etc.)
  • Review of contracts that have already been drawn up
  • Trustee processing
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Administrative law

Real estate and
housing law

Insolvency law and
business restructuring


Damages and warranty

Consulting producer organisations

in cooperation with gfa-consulting gmbh

Asserting claims and
conducting cases


Inheritance law

(Estate) curator

Data privacy law

Permanent representation infront of DSB

Contract drafting

Registered trustee

Criminal law

Defence lawyer in criminal cases

Start ups

Commercial law

General legal

Family law

Judicial adult representative, authorised representative

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