Your purchase contract in a quick and easy way.

Some of the many things needed when you want to buy a house are:

  • a purchase contract,
  • payment of the purchase sum via a registered fiduciary, and
  • entry into the land register.

These legal requirements are there to protect both buyer and seller, helping avoid costly and, in the worst case, even hardship-inducing disputes. That’s why having high-quality legal support every step of the way during real estate transactions is essential.

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We are happy to individually, efficiently handle your purchase contract in an uncomplicated manner.

To speed up the process, you could provide us with information regarding the item of real estate, the buyer and the seller before our first meeting, using our template (no obligation). We will get back to you with a free initial assessment within 48 hours. In this initial assessment, we will also let you know whether we can take care of your legal needs (after checking for any conflicts-of-interest). In most cases, we can then start right away with drawing up the contract without the need for a separate appointment, saving you time from the get-go and shortening the time needed for you to be put in the land register.

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It is our stated goal to provide people with the best-possible legal support in such situations.

Dr. Florian Leitinger, LL.M.

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“Florian always attends to our needs with full commitment and the entire scope of his knowledge, even when things get complicated.”

Ing. Robert Zengerer | Zengerer Planungs GmbH


“Thank you for the simple and quick review of our purchase contract! Now we feel so much more secure about it.”

C & M from Vienna


“Florian has been a real support to me by drawing up suitable contracts in a time-efficient manner. Thank you!”

Manuel from Gratkorn


“Quick, simple and reliable handling. We’ll definitely come back if we need a lawyer again.”

Alexander & Manuela from Thannhausen

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